Terms and Conditions

1. Booking in advance and payments

If you intend to embark on an adventure through Tara Treks Nepal Pvt. Ltd. you are required to book a trip three months prior to the commencement date. Three-months preparation period is necessary to ensure maximum safety and satisfaction of our clients.

A 30% deposit of the total charge must be made at the time of booking. This deposit is necessary and will be used for booking hotels, flights, porters and receiving approval from the relevant governmental authorities.

Another 30% of the total charge should be deposited at least one month before your flight to Nepal.

The remaining 40% of the total charge should be paid up after your arrival to Nepal, before you commence your travel.

Bank Details:

Bank Transfer 
Name of the Bank: to be confirmed
Account Name: Tara Treks Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 
Account Number: to be confirmed
Swift Code: to be confirmed
Address: to be confirmed
Mobile: to be confirmed

2. Cancellation

In case the client decides to cancel his/her trip at any time between booking and the time of the trip, some deduction will be made to the deposited amount. This condition is made because of the company’s obligation to pay a certain amount for personnel and resources while booking them.

Clauses for cancellation:

2(a) If cancellation is made 45 days prior to departure from your country, the company will charge you 20% of the total amount and the rest will be refunded after deducting the processing charge of Nepal Rastra Bank. Once the money is deposited in the Business bank account, Nepal Rastra Bank, which is the National Government Bank of Nepal charges various taxes such as TDS (Tax deduction at source).

If the client wishes, the company shall withhold the refundable amount as a charge for his/her next trip with Tara Treks Nepal.

2(b) If cancellation is made 25 days prior to departure from your country, the company will charge 30% of the total amount and the rest will be refunded as mentioned in 2 (a) of Terms and Condition.

2(c) If cancellation is made 15 days prior to departure from your country, the company will charge 50% of the total amount and the rest will be refunded as mentioned in 2 (a) of the Terms and Condition.

3. Late bookings

Late bookings can be made as early as one month prior to the departure from your country. But, it is to be noted that it will involve additional cost.

4. Insurance and travel risks

Nepal law states that no foreigner will be able to purchase an insurance policy in Nepal. Therefore, clients need to purchase travel and high altitude insurance, accidental insurance, helicopter, medical insurance and emergency evacuation insurance. These are mandatory and should be purchased as a package in the client’s country of residence or origin.

Medical and emergency rescue evacuation cost is required too, and that should include rescue, repatriation, helicopter, medication, medical tests and hospitalisation costs. Trekking and expedition may involve risks and several other factors that cannot be predicted. Medical emergencies, natural calamities are common in high altitudes and we like to be assured that our clients are insured against helicopter evacuations, trip cancellations, and personal accidents so that they don’t have to suffer twice.

This agency will inquire about client’s personal and insurance information so that proper steps and paperwork can be completed in case of unpredictable situations. If somehow a rescue is needed, our company will contact rescue companies and will manage all paperwork.

It is to be noted that the company shall not bear any losses or provide compensation in case the guest’s insurance doesn’t cover any or all aspects of the trip.

5. Incomplete tours

The client is not entitled to any compensation, whatsoever, in case he/she forfeits from embarking on the trek/expedition because of his/her personal decision or injury. Also, if the government revokes the permit for the trek/expedition because of any disaster in the area, the clients may not seek reparation for their payment.

6. Agreement of compliance

It is mandatory for the guest to comply with the rules and regulations of the country, during their stay in the country. Any illegal activities are totally discouraged and any deliberate or unintentional breach of law by the guest shall not obligate the company to advocate on their behalf. If any illegal activities on client’s part are observed, the company holds the right contact Nepali authorities and provide clients to them. If the client falls upon the hands of authority because of an unlawful act, the company isn’t obligated to provide any financial compensation.

Moreover, during the tour/trek/expedition, the team leader is the in-charge and his decision shall be considered final. We select our team leaders/guides based on years of training and experience in mountainous region and for the sake of survival and wellness of our clients; we urge them to shed any instincts that directs them against the instruction of our team leader/guides. In case of any conflicts between our clients, verbal, physical or otherwise, the company’s staff will resolve the issue and holds the right to call the police if necessary.

7. Alterations in cost and time and additional charges

The packages designed by Tara Treks Nepa Pvt. Ltd. are standard, and are designed by people with many years of experience. However, the company respects the intention of the guests and provides alterations to the packages based on the client’s request provided that the client is willing to spend extra time and cost.

At other times, because of the circumstances prevalent in the area, the standard cost and time may be subject to alterations. In that case, the price and time can be adjusted by mutual agreement between the clients and company.

Damage of company equipment, delays and lags in trips, demand of additional services than previously agreed, and etc. by client is likely to increase the previously decided price.

8. Early completion of schedule

On some occasions, a schedule may be completed a few days before the designated time, due to more favourable weather circumstances, or a change in conditions which necessitates a change in itinerary. In such cases, the company cannot make refunds to the client. For example, in a tour package of 14 days, if the tour is completed in 12 days, the company will not refund the costs of 2 days.

9. Flight cancellations

Any flight cancellation, unless it is made by the company, will not require the company to provide any financial compensation. However, it is within the duty of the agency to arrange a hotel for guests in case of flight cancellations.

10. Overnight stay and food  

In case of any overnight stay that might occur due to the problems of, or caused because of the client, or due to the flight cancellation (domestic or international) the client will be required to pay the overnight stay charge and meals cost. However, if the stay is caused because of the agency’s reason, the agency shall have to bear the charge.

12. Agreement of accommodations

The location of treks and expedition are very demanding. They are far away from the luxuries of the modern world. It is evident that one cannot expect things to be normal all the time. At instances, a person might not get exactly what they’ve been hoping for, even they are looking to pay for it. As a host company, we try our best to provide the most reasonable deals. But despite all our best efforts, sometimes, we may not be able to provide guests with everything we promised for. At such instances, we expect guests to exhibit understanding and accommodate with whatever is available. Most importantly, it is important for guests to properly understand what they are getting into before they book the trip.


We have experienced cooks in the mountaineering sector. However, the taste may differ from what you have been getting used to in your home. We will make sure the best food is provided, but clients are required to follow the guidelines of the tour guide while choosing the food menu.

14. Gear and equipment

In case Tara Treks Nepal Pvt. Ltd temporarily provides any materials, gears, or any equipment that may or may not be the property of the company, the client needs to return it to the company’s designated official at the end of the trip or expedition or trek. Should any damage occur to this equipment, the client has to pay the amount fixed by the agency as per compensation.

15. Publicity

We, Tara Treks Nepal, may require guests to provide us with photographs taken from your camera free of charge for sake of publicity. In those circumstances, we expect guests to comply with our request. However, the photographs will only be used for promotional purpose only.

16. Children

All children below the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by their legal guardian.

17. Extra activities

For any extra activities such as ski, drone flight, paragliding or waving large flags, the client should inform these details to the company first. These extra activities are charged by Nepal Government if it is not informed beforehand to the company, and clients will bear all the costs resulting from such extra activities, and the company will not bear any responsibilities. But if informed, the company shall make sure all the procedures are followed accordingly.

18. Modifications

If you want to make changes to your arrangements, please inform us in an email two weeks prio. When any government permit, travel ticket, insurance has been given and can not be withdrawn and refunded, you will be responsible for these expenses. You will also be responsible for cancellation of airfares purchased on your behalf.